5 Steps To Boost Your Beauty IG Page

Last month I wrote a piece for Dermascope Magazine on how to grow your social media following. If you haven’t read it yet you can here: How To Grow Your Social Media Following

I’ve had a lot of follow-up questions to this piece. A lot of questions on exactly what to implement and how. With most of us on a work pause right now it’s a great opportunity to spruce up our social media pages and re-evaluate our internet presence. Now I’m not an expert. Just a girl with an iPhone that made it happen, so I’m sharing with y’all what worked for me.

I’ve put together 5 actionable steps that will set a little fire under your Instagram page and help you reach a stronger online presence.

1. PRESETS. Purchasing a set of preset filters for your page is crucial. This will give your page a nice uniform look that is much more appealing. Having a pretty page, especially when you’re in the beauty industry, is a MUST! It also makes your page look much more professional. I personally use @alexajeanbrown presets. I believe I have the “indoor light and airy” package. I love it and it represents me and my brand nicely. It’s important that you find a preset that represents you. The look of your page will speak volumes before your content ever does. So many bloggers offer presets now that it shouldn’t be too hard to find and they aren’t very expensive either.

2. POST DAILY. I cannot stress this enough! I feel like this is where most of you struggle. Listen, I know it’s not easy coming up with fresh new content to post every day, but if you want to succeed on the gram (or any other social media outlet) you MUST POST DAILY!!!

3. STORIES. I don’t know how the algorithm works. None of us do, but I’ve found that having stories up constantly helps my engagement rate tremendously. Always have a story posted!

4. SHOW YOUR FACE. I realize selfies can be a bit awkward at first, but you’ll get used to them real quick People want to see your face. They want to see who they are following. If you’re going to be offering services and beauty advice you need to introduce yourself and share yourself with your followers.

5. Educate. You’re the professional with so much knowledge that people want! Share all that you know. Give away tips, information on products and services. Tell people about what you do and why it’s something they should consider. How is this important for them? We are all information hungry!

I really believe if you start implementing these five steps you will see an increase in traffic on your site. I’ve come across some beautiful pages that hadn’t posted in weeks so I didn’t press the “follow” button. Same with pages that are kind of messy and unappealing. Think of what makes you want to follow a page? Then do that.

I really hope this helps and am always happy to help in any way that I can! We are better when we help each other!


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