Virtual Consultation

A virtual consultation is a process during which a patient wishing to have surgery in Arizona at Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery sends us photos of their areas of concern, their desired surgical goals, and their medical history. Based on this information, our plastic surgeons are able to create a preliminary customized surgical plan and the office can also provide a cost estimate prior to surgery based on this plan.

After this initial assessment, a detailed phone conversation is scheduled in order to further refine the surgical plan. All patients need to be seen in person prior to the actual surgery, but the virtual consult allows us to expedite the surgical process for out-of-town patients. This process can also allow local patients to get on the surgical schedule without having to wait for their in-person consultation.

How It Works

Patients will be required to submit photos and surgical goals by email for the doctor to review. During this time, our office will provide a link to an online medical history form. Upon completion, one of our patient coordinators will provide a preliminary surgery quote. Please allow us one week to process your information after your photos have been submitted.

Final recommendations will be made at the in-person, pre-operative appointment, and some of the more complicated cases may be required to have an in-office assessment prior to holding a surgical date for maximum safety and accuracy.

To book a surgery date we require a $2,500 deposit. Once booked, a phone consultation will be setup between the patient and surgeon. During the call, the doctor will review your medical history, surgical goals and answer any questions you might have.

Out of town patients can typically fly in a day or two before the scheduled surgery date for their pre-operative appointment. During this time, they will meet with the surgeon and finalize surgery details. Most patients are able to fly home a few days to a week later depending on the specific surgical procedure. Some patients will have to stay in town a little longer (anywhere form 7-10 days) if the procedure requires it for safety purposes.

Take the Next Step

Please contact our office and one of our patient coordinators will be happy to guide you through this process and answer any of your questions!

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