Chin Augmentation

Society often attributes certain personality traits to particular facial features. Of course, no true connection of this nature exists. Unfortunately, many patients still suffer discrimination based on their appearance just the same. In the case of chins and jaw lines, particularly in males, a prominent jaw is considered a sign of strength and confidence, whereas a less developed, or “weak” chin is considered a sign of a less dominant, insecure person. Many Arizona patients who lack a well-developed chin will request surgery to give them a stronger, more confident appearance.

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Plastic Surgery to Enhance Your Looks

Our surgeons take several factors into consideration when seeing a patient who requests a larger chin. First of all, the chin is obviously not an isolated body part – it must exist in balance with the rest of the face, particularly in a profile view. Because of this, we always analyze the chin as it relates to the nose, cheeks, forehead and neck. For example, if a patient has a large nose or a significant amount of fat in the neck, these factors can exaggerate the underdeveloped appearance of a small chin. Sometimes rhinoplasty, neck liposuction, or another plastic surgery procedure is needed in conjunction with chin surgery to provide facial balance.

When a patient’s lower jaw is normally developed, but their chin is relatively underdeveloped, we are able to enhance the appearance of the chin by using a chin implant. These implants are solid but flexible devices that come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the unique needs of each patient. Through a hidden incision, our surgeons place the implants under the pad of the chin to create a stronger, more developed appearing chin. Either alone or in conjunction with facial liposculpture or rhinoplasty, chin implants can dramatically improve Phoenix patients’ appearances and self-confidence.

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See Dr. Cohen on Modern Beauty, a series on the Style Network.

See Dr. Cohen on Modern Beauty, a series on the Style Network.
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In certain cases, injectable fillers can be used to further define the chin and jawline appearance. Although temporary, as these fillers dissolve over time, filler injections may be an attractive option for patients who wish to avoid surgery.

Take the Next Step

If you are interested in learning more about what to expect during the recovery process following chin augmentation, we encourage you to read our Post-Op FAQ (frequently asked questions) about post-operative issues such as care for incisions, time away from work, and ability to engage in exercise and other activities.

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