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Dr. Steven Sigalove Shares His Story on “Meet the Doctor” Podcast

Dr. Steven Sigalove sat down with the podcast hosted by Eva Sheie, “Meet the Doctor,” to share his story and help potential patients get to know him. In this podcast, he explains the circumstances that made him decide to move from Chicago to Scottsdale and how his career has changed since he made that move.

He explains his signature technique, the Sigalift, a subfascial breast augmentation procedure designed to be minimally invasive and enable women to continue to perform chest exercises even after breast augmentation.

He also shares his approach to treating each patient individually, explaining his approach to a personalized consultation to ensure each patient achieves the aesthetic results they envision, and to help educate them to understand the procedure before surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Sigalove, listen to the recording of the podcast.

Dr. Sigalove Speaks On PureGraft/ Dermapose At ASAPS Conference

Dr. Steven Sigalove was in Miami Beach in May 2023 at the ASAPS conference to present and share his experiences working with Bimini Healthtech’s PureGraft and Dermapose fat grafting technologies for the face, breasts, and body.

Dr. Sigalove shared his first-hand experiences as a plastic surgeon who performs fat grafting to enhance and volumize the face, breasts, and buttocks using Dermapose and PureGraft technologies. He was part of a panel of experts who shared insights into using this cutting edge technology.

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Dr. Sigalove Speaks at the Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Meeting

Dr. Steven Sigalove was recently invited to present at the Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Meeting in Berlin. He and his colleague Jamil Ahmad, MD represented United States’ Aesthetic Society. They presented on aesthetic plastic surgery procedures and techniques they utilize at their respective practices. He shared his experience speaking at this international conference in the Aesthetic Society News, Fall 2022 issue.

This was a wonderful opportunity for Dr. Sigalove to learn from fellow plastic surgeons and to share his expertise with his peers. We are so grateful for this opportunity to share this experience.

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Dr. Cohen Shares His Insights On Addressing Fibroadenomas In Breasts

Dr. Cohen advised a beauty editor about the potential visual impacts of having a fibroadenoma removed from your breast(s). She shared her story on, after having discovered a fibroadenoma in her right breast, and deciding to have it removed. Dr. Cohen provided his expert insight on how he treats these non-cancerous growths in the breasts and what he recommends to restore the breast’s shape after surgery if needed. Read the article.

Dr. Cohen Discusses Plastic Surgery During a Pandemic

Dr. Cohen was recently interviewed by Health Professional Radio regarding your plastic surgery options during a pandemic. During the interview, he discussed how he determines whether or not to advise to have breast augmentation surgery now or wait until the pandemic subsides. He shares his thoughts on how and when to schedule plastic surgery during the uncertainties of a pandemic. Click to listen to the interview.

Dr. Sigalove Part of Panel of Experts on Advanced Breast Surgery Techniques

ELEVATE conference flierDr. Steven Sigalove was one of 3 expert panelists who recently taught an online continuing medical education (CME) course for XMedica titled ELEVATE: Advances in the Use of Soft Tissue Support for Breast Surgery. Dr. Sigalove and two other breast surgery experts shared their first-hand insights on the use of biologic and synthetic tissue for breast augmentation, cosmetic revision, and breast reconstruction, including details of their surgical cases and before and after photos detailing the results. They shared their proven techniques for breast surgery that they use each day in the operating room.

Sientra TECHnews Features Dr. Sigalove

Dr. Steven Sigalove joined a panel of renowned plastic surgeons from around the country for a roundtable discussion with Sientra TECHnews called TECHniques and TECHnology to Optimize Safety in Breast Surgery. Watch the video.

Trendsetter: Dr. Steven Sigalove

Get to know Dr. Steven Sigalove, board-certified plastic surgeon at Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery. Read the article.

Dr. Sigalove Discusses Breast Augmentation for Active Moms

Dr. Steven Sigalove shared his innovative breast augmentation technique for active moms and exercise fanatics who want a natural looking result with a quick recovery that won’t hinder their ability to exercise after surgery. Read the full article.

Dr. Sigalove Featured in Life In Paradise Valley Magazine

Dr. Steven Sigalove was recently featured in the Resident Physician Profile column of Life In Paradise Valley Magazine. In the article, he shares about his passion for plastic surgery and his recent move from Chicago, IL to Paradise Valley, AZ. Read the full article to learn more about Dr. Sigalove. Read More

Dr. Sigalove’s Unique Approach to Breast Augmentation Featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine

Dr. Steven Sigalove was recently interviewed by Arizona Foothills Magazine discussing his sub-fascial approach to breast augmentation, a unique approach that’s geared toward women who are interested in returning to their busy schedules and exercise routines as quickly as possible after breast augmentation surgery. Read More

Dr. Sigalove Visits Israel To Share His Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction Experience

Dr. Sigalove was recently invited to be a keynote speaker at the 1st Tel Aviv Breast Meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel last week. Dr. Sigalove was among several international experts in the field of aesthetic, revisionary, and reconstructive breast surgery to be invited to share his experience and knowledge at the inaugural event which took place at the end of this year’s Israeli Society for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons annual meeting. Dr. Sigalove not only presented his original work and publications in prepectoral breast reconstruction, but he also participated in an on-stage debate of dual-plane vs prepectoral breast reconstruction. Additionally, he gave lectures on autologous fat grafting in the breast and keys to success in breast reconstruction as well as sitting on several panels of experts for various topics related to aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

Following the Tel Aviv Breast Meeting, Dr. Sigalove visited several local hospitals in the Tel Aviv area including the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, the Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer, and the Shaare Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. At these centers, Dr. Sigalove gave several presentations, instruction, and educated the plastic surgery residents on his new techniques in breast surgery.

Dr. Sigalove was able to enjoy some of the historical wonders of Jerusalem as he toured the Old City and was able to spend time at the Western Wall. All in all, his experience in Israel was invaluable, as he was able to connect with some of the biggest experts in the world on breast surgery and he made many new friends, had an impact on young Israeli surgeons in training, and made new friendships to last a lifetime.

Dr. Cohen Appears on an Episode of “Skin Tight”

Dr. Cohen recently appeared on Episode 15 of TLC’s hit show “Skin Tight,” in which plastic surgeons treat patients with lingering excess skin caused by weight loss. Dr. Cohen’s episode follows up with Tanya Benedict, a patient from season 1, who had complications from a previous surgery performed by another surgeon. Dr. Cohen was asked to correct her problems, including capsular contracture, recurrent drooping and asymmetry.

Dr. Cohen Chats With VoyagePhoenix

Dr. Cohen sat down with VoyagePhoenix to discuss his background, his practice, and how he defines success. VoyagePhoenix is an online magazine that shines a light on the people and businesses that make the Phoenix metro area so great. Read More

Plastic Surgery Simply Makes People Happier

Appearing on RadioMD, Dr. Cohen reflected on the right combination of ingredients for a healthy, happy life. For many patients, he says improving their body image has a significant part to play, and plastic surgery can “fix” aspects of a person’s body that are otherwise immutable. He then offers advice for choosing the right plastic surgeon. Read More

INSPIRA® Implants: A Discussion With New Beauty

In this New Beauty article, Dr. Cohen says the FDA approval of Natrelle® INSPIRA breast implants continues the encouraging trend of providing more choices for patients and plastic surgeons. These cohesive gel-filled implants, he says, give surgeons one more way to customize results. Read More

Recovering, Healing, and Getting Back to Normal

In Dr. Cohen’s latest appearance on RadioMD, he talks with host Melanie Cole about how best to plan for the recovery process. He says that for most surgical procedures, patients are on pain medication for a few days, back to work by week 1–2, and slowly easing back into exercise and athletic endeavors by the 4–6 week mark.

Finding the Ideal Breast Implants for You

In this interview on Melanie Cole’s Health Radio, Dr. Cohen explains that today’s breast implants can be customized more than ever to suit the cosmetic goals of each patient. Silicone or saline, textured or smooth, round or shaped — Dr. Cohen illustrates why choice is better for patients, and why it’s important to have an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to help you decide.

Gynecomastia Surgery Helps Boost Self-Esteem

Doctor talking to patient
Excess breast tissue can be an embarrassing condition for men from adolescence to their 50s and 60s. In this RadioMd interview, Dr. Cohen discusses the benefits of surgery to help patients feel confident about their bodies, and he answers questions about what causes gynecomastia and whether it can be prevented.

Tips for Making Sure Your Plastic Surgeon Is the Right Fit

In this guest blog post for RadioMD, Dr. Cohen outlines the criteria patients should use when deciding on a surgeon. It starts with credentials: Be sure the surgeon you intend to work with is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. From there, he advises a read-through of the surgeon’s CV to look for certain society memberships and other accomplishments. Read More

More Women Considering Labia Reduction Surgery

Doctor's talking to patient
Dr. Cohen speaks with the HER Radio hosts about the continued popularity of labiaplasty. As he explains in the segment, women of all ages pursue the procedure for different reasons. For some women, childbirth changes the labia tissue and creates cosmetic concerns. Others request this surgery due to discomfort with certain athletic activities, such as riding a bicycle. Learn how labiaplasty can help.
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Dr. Cohen Warns Against Plastic Surgery Tourism

Doctor touching patient's face
Traveling abroad to get plastic surgery is gaining popularity, but in this RadioMD interview, Dr. Cohen says patients are most likely better off finding a board-certified plastic surgeon in the U.S. The bargain prices of plastic surgery tourism come with risks, including potentially lax oversight of surgeons and increased chances of complications.

Dr. Cohen Talks About Why Patients Consider Surgery

Doctor touching patient's face
In this radio interview, Dr. Cohen says many patients come in seeking “a better-looking version” of themselves. Dr. Cohen explains why that’s the right motivation, and why it leads to patients with higher confidence and better self-esteem after surgery.
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Plastic Surgery 101: 10 Tips From Dr. Cohen

Patient's face
In this Essence magazine feature, Dr. Cohen offers his top 10 tips on what to consider before moving forward with surgery. Learn about using the Internet for research, how to evaluate photo galleries, the importance of board certification, and more.

Dr. Cohen Helps Those in Need with 1for1 Medical

Dr. Cohen on BEaUty Inside and Out – part 1

Dr. Cohen on BEaUty Inside and Out – part 2

Dr. Cohen addresses breast implant recall

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons React to Breast Implant Recall: “Don’t Panic”
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MK Maloney on 12news

Feel Confident in your Skin with MK Maloney Aesthetics
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