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Woman removing bra

Answers to Your Top Breast Reduction Questions

I specialize in breast procedures such as breast reduction at my plastic surgery practice near Phoenix. Breast reduction isn't as widely publicized as breast augmentation, and as a result, I often find that my breast reduction patients have a lot of questions. Here are my answers to some of the most common questions about the …

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Choose Wisely & Avoid Regrets Later

How do you plan ahead to make sure you will be happy with your breast augmentation results? Celebrities like Heidi Montag and Lisa Rinna have come forward recently with admissions that they regret some of their plastic surgery choices. At my Phoenix-area practice, my patients know that I make every effort to communicate realistic expectations …

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Woman using measuring tape on her hips

Do I Need Liposuction or Abdominoplasty?

This is a question I encounter quite frequently. Women and men often come to my office in Scottsdale for liposuction thinking that it will help to correct their protruding belly. Liposuction is a far more common procedure than abdominoplasty, so it makes sense that people are more familiar with this option. And, frankly, liposuction has …

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