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How do you plan ahead to make sure you will be happy with your breast augmentation results? Celebrities like Heidi Montag and Lisa Rinna have come forward recently with admissions that they regret some of their plastic surgery choices. At my Phoenix-area practice, my patients know that I make every effort to communicate realistic expectations and achieve beautiful and natural results the first time. Here are some things to think about now so you won’t have regrets later:

Consider more than just size. This is particularly imperative for women choosing breast augmentation. Women come to me for a natural result that is in proportion with the rest of their body, and breast implant size is a highly influential factor in post-surgical appearance. Lifestyle is another big consideration; if you are an avid runner or bicyclist, you will be best off by avoiding extra-large breast implants.

Get perspective. You may have been unhappy with a certain feature for so long that all you can think about is changing it drastically. For instance, some women with thinner lips want to super-size them. Women with very small breasts sometimes want to go to the opposite extreme as well, and some liposuction patients want every ounce of fat removed from their “trouble spots.” I remind my patients that balance, harmony, and a natural result are the goal. Extreme is never a good word when it comes to plastic surgery. You can see some of the balanced, harmonious results we can create with plastic surgery in our photo gallery.

Think about your motivation. Getting plastic surgery for the wrong reasons is a recipe for disappointment and regrets. Plastic surgery is not a spa treatment and should be considered carefully while weighing out the pros and cons. Plastic surgery should never be an impulsive decision and should be seen as a way to enhance your life, not as a quick fix for problems with work, relationships, or self-esteem. I only operate on women and men who have thought carefully about their reasons for surgery, and who have realistic expectations about how surgery can improve their lives.

Choosing your timing is important, too, and I offer some tips for knowing when the time is right for surgery in a related blog post.

If you have considered the above issues and you’re ready to take the next step, we’re happy to help. Contact our Paradise Valley, Arizona plastic surgery practice online or call us at (480) 423-1973 to schedule a consultation.

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