Arm Lift - Brachioplasty

The upper arm represents a particularly troubling body part for many people seeking to improve their appearance. Despite dieting and multiple arm exercises, some patients feel like they are stuck with either heavy or saggy upper arms. Embarrassment can prevent some of these people from wearing sleeveless clothing or bathing suits which can be a hardship in the deserts of Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. In more severe cases, these patients are prone to frequent rashes and excessive sweating.

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Arm Lift Plastic Surgery near Phoenix

We treat problems of the upper arm in different ways depending on the nature of the problem. In patients who have firm, healthy, elastic upper arm skin, our plastic surgeons use liposuction cosmetic surgery in Scottsdale to carefully sculpt and reduce the size of the upper arms to match the lower arm. Once the excess fat is removed, the skin shrinks to the fit the slimmer arm underneath. A good analogy for these patients is that of a water balloon, where the balloon represents the skin, and the water represents the fat. As more water (fat) is removed, the balloon (skin) easily shrinks to fit the volume that is left. When requested by patients, we can frequently perform liposuction of the upper arms simultaneously with liposuction of other body areas or with other Phoenix plastic surgery procedures.

Some patients have loose, sagging skin under their arms, which they sometimes refer to as “bat wings.” This looseness of the skin can occur either as a result of time and gravity, or as a result of significant weight loss. These patients cannot simply be treated with liposuction because when the skin is already loose, removing more fat will actually worsen the appearance of the arms. As opposed to the “water-balloon” people, patients with loose skin are more analogous to a plastic sandwich baggy filled with water. As you remove the water (fat), the sandwich baggy (skin) becomes more saggy and wrinkled.

To properly reshape the arms in people with loose skin, your surgeon will tailor the skin to fit the underlying arm by surgically removing excess skin and fat. This procedure is called a “brachioplasty” (arm lift).

Whether we perform liposuction or a brachioplasty cosmetic surgery in Scottsdale, our goal as board-certified plastic surgeons is to give patients slimmer, more attractive upper arms. As a result, they can start wearing the sleeveless shirts and bathing suits that would have made them self-conscious prior to surgery. If you are interested in learning more about what to expect during the recovery process following an arm lift, we encourage you to read our Post-Op FAQ (frequently asked questions) about post-operative issues such as care for incisions, time away from work, and ability to engage in exercise and other activities.

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