I Weigh in on Aging Well in Arizona Republic Article

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I was recently interviewed for an article in The Arizona Republic about how celebrities (and regular people) can maintain their appearance as they age. The article was written by Connie Cone Sexton and was a very nice article that focused on a multi-specialty approach to limit signs of aging.

For my part, I discussed the progression of options, from skin care to surgery, that I use to help my plastic surgery patients in Phoenix and Scottsdale maintain their appearance, but I also stressed the importance of keeping a natural look. The article addressed some celebrities who are aging well. It’s important to remember that celebrities have access to some luxuries (personal chef, full-time trainers, professional hair and makeup services, and so on) that most of us do not have, but ultimately a healthy lifestyle with exercise, a good diet, and keeping vices to a minimum will allow us to age as well as possible. After that, plastic surgery can be used to fix the things we cannot fix ourselves.

I encourage you to check out the article!

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