The “Internal Bra” Technique: Breast Augmentation for Active Women

Dr. Steven Sigalove is always dedicated to improving surgery outcomes, minimizing downtime, and speeding up recovery for his breast augmentation patients. As a board-certified plastic surgeon and breast augmentation specialist in Scottsdale, he has developed an innovative technique to serve patients from the Phoenix, AZ, area and beyond.

Dr. Sigalove pioneered a minimally invasive, muscle-sparing breast reconstruction technique for women who have undergone mastectomies to treat breast cancer. He is now offering this sub-facial technique to breast augmentation patients who want beautiful, natural-looking results with minimal downtime and quick recoveries.

What is different about this technique?

Most patients want to quickly return to work or exercise after their surgery. For active women who would prefer only 1 to 2 weeks of downtime, sub-fascial breast augmentation can be an excellent option.

By creating a pocket between the pectoralis major muscle fascia and the breast tissue, Dr. Sigalove eliminates the need to elevate the muscle. This technique results in less postoperative pain and swelling, allowing most patients to go home needing only over-the-counter pain medication or plain Tylenol. This is an improvement from traditional sub-muscular or dual-plane breast augmentation, which often requires prescription pain medication and more rest time post-operation.

During the procedure, Dr. Sigalove stabilizes the pocket with a piece of resorbable mesh that allows him to safely place the implant on top of the chest muscle. This mesh creates an “internal bra” that offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Minimizing the risk of implant migration and bottoming out
  • Inhibiting implant rippling
  • Ensuring a beautifully shaped breast for optimal aesthetic outcomes

To see Dr. Sigalove’s actual patient results with this technique, look through his cases in our online photo gallery. Here is a beautiful example of his sub-facial breast augmentation results.

Who are good candidates for sub-facial breast augmentation?

Dr. Sigalove carefully selects the proper patients best suited to this surgery technique, basing his decision on each woman’s unique anatomy. As for lifestyle options, sub-fascial breast augmentation is great for women who:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Do yoga or Pilates
  • Lift weights
  • Perform bodybuilding
  • Want an early return to their regular routines following surgery

This technique also creates beautiful postoperative cleavage, which is not always the case in standard over-the-muscle breast augmentation. Patients who undergo sub-fascial breast augmentation also do not acquire hyperanimation, which is a possible downside of sub-muscular augmentation in patients with strong pectoralis muscles.

If speedy recovery after breast augmentation sounds appealing to you, contact us online or call (480) 907-0486 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sigalove. Find out today if you are a candidate for this new and exciting technique.

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