On the Move to Santa Monica: Dr. Cohen Makes 90404 His Zip Code

Considering the title of this post, it’s no surprise the past few months have been busier than ever for Dr. Cohen. While he remains one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in the Scottsdale area, since late-summer 2015, Dr. Cohen has expanded his reputation for excellence into California, serving Santa Monica patients, as well.

During his fellowship in Los Angeles years ago, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cohen developed an affinity for the Santa Monica lifestyle and has considered an expansion ever since. Recently, this dream became a reality when Dr. Cohen made the decision to move to Southern California, bringing his aesthetic expertise with him. In Santa Monica, Dr. Cohen practices at a state-of-the-art facility and operating room, and utilizes a warm and friendly staff to serve his Southern California patients.

So, what does this change mean for patients? Regardless of location, Dr. Cohen’s goals are the same: to provide exceptional care, and to achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking results possible. For now, he will continue to travel between Arizona and California, one week seeing and operating on patients in Scottsdale, the next in Santa Monica.

Both Scottsdale and Santa Monica staff are fully equipped to assist patients regardless of location, and we are happy to schedule consultations at either depending on what is most convenient for your schedule. For long-distance and international patients, this expansion will allow for maximum convenience.

To learn even more about Dr. Cohen’s expansion to California, visit his Santa Monica website.

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