The Secret to Successful Revision Surgery

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At my Phoenix area plastic surgery practice, I am always searching for innovative new methods and materials to give my patients the best possible outcome from surgery. One product that has greatly improved my ability to create soft, natural-looking breasts for patients undergoing revision surgery is an FDA-approved material called Strattice™.

What is Strattice?

Strattice is a groundbreaking product that can be used for soft tissue reinforcement in surgery. It is made from a bio-engineered regenerative tissue matrix that allows your cells and blood vessels to grow. In this way, Strattice actually integrates with your body and becomes part of you.

How Does Strattice Work?

Strattice acts as an “internal bra” because it replaces scar tissue with healthy tissue, which can then support weaker tissue. Strattice is placed inside the breast pocket to support the underlying structure of the breast and provide additional coverage for the breast implant.

Who Can Benefit From Strattice?

I have been using Strattice since 2009 and have found that it is a great option for women who are experiencing complications such as capsular contracture, bottoming out, fold malposition or symmastia. Strattice is not needed for every revision surgery, but it can be highly beneficial in certain situations. Breast revision surgery is a highly individualized procedure, so a thorough consultation is necessary in order to determine the best surgical approach for each patient.

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