Strattice™: Supporting Successful Breast Revision

As a high-volume breast revision specialist, I frequently use Strattice in my breast augmentation revision surgeries in the Scottsdale area. Strattice is a porcine acellular dermal matrix. Essentially, it is a deep layer of skin (dermis) harvested from pigs (porcine) that is processed in such a way as to remove all pig cells (acellular) while leaving a framework or latticework (matrix) that a humans cells and tissues can grow into.

Strattice almost looks like a soft, pliable white leather, and when placed against human tissues, it incorporates and becomes a part of the person, filling with that person’s cells. It is thus able to replace scar tissue, fight infection, and act like normal, healthy, and regenerated tissue.

With breast revision, I use Strattice for 3 main reasons:

  1. First, it is stronger than breast tissue and can be used as a soft-tissue reinforcement. By suturing the Strattice to the edge of the pectoralis muscle, wrapping it around the implant, and suturing it to the chest wall, I can create an internal bra that supports the implant, stabilizes the pectoralis muscle, and offloads forces from the overlying skin.
  2. Secondly, Strattice can provide extra tissue thickness to pad against some irregularities such as implant rippling and wrinkling, which are often concerns in thinner patients.
  3. Finally, by replacing scar tissue (like the breast capsule) with healthy, regenerated tissue, Strattice provides strong (99% or more) protection against capsular contracture (scar hardening around breast implants).

Although Strattice is very expensive, with these incredible benefits, it has become a frequent tool for me to help correct some of the most difficult breast revision problems, and in some cases it has turned “unfixable” problems into correctable situations. Read more about this impressive product on my blog.

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