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Table of contents

The BasicsHow Does QWO Work?Common Questions

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn cellulite on your buttocks? At Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery, we’re one of the first practices in the US offering QWO®, a new, cutting edge injectable treatment designed to treat moderate to severe cellulite for our Scottsdale-area patients. This is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for cellulite.

Our aesthetic nurse specialists, MK Maloney, RN, CANS, Meagan Errichiello, RN, BSN, CANS, and Jackie Orona, RN, BSN, are here to help you reduce the appearance of your stubborn cellulite on your buttocks.

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The Basics

QWO is different from other cellulite treatments. It is an FDA-approved injectable treatment designed to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women.

There are 3 things that contribute to the dimpled appearance of cellulite on the buttocks:

  • Skin thins as you age
  • Fibrous bands under the skin thicken over time
  • Fat cells increase in size

In order to treat all 3 of these factors, cellulite treatments must go beyond the surface of the skin and treat the underlying structure.

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Before & Afters on Instagram

For before-and-after photos and to learn more about Meagan’s work, check out her Instagram page, @the_age_eraser, to learn more about Jackie’s work, check out her Instagram page, @nursejackierae and to learn more about MK’s work, check out her Instagram page, @mkmaloneyrn.

How Does QWO Work?

Rather than treating just the surface texture of skin or using radiofrequency or surgical treatments to release the connective tissue that causes dimpling of the skin, QWO uses specially formulated enzymes that target and break down the fibrous bands of tissue in the deeper layer of the skin, releasing and redistributing the fat cells while stimulating collagen growth so you end up with smoother, more shapely buttocks with less cellulite.

QWO is injected directly into the cellulite dimples. The enzymes go to work breaking up the fibrous bands that connect the layers of skin and cause dimpling. As the bands dissolve, the fat cells are redistributed and the body’s natural healing process starts producing collagen, resulting in a smoother, firmer appearance.

Schedule your QWO cellulite treatment today. Request a consultation online, or give us a call at (480) 423-1973 to book your appointment with one of our aesthetic nurse specialists.

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Common Questions

How soon will I see results?

Visible results may be achieved within 10 weeks. Results are long-lasting and can be maintained with follow-up treatments of QWO.

How many treatments will I need?

In clinical trials, patients were treated with 3 QWO injection treatments in the buttocks, spaced 21 days apart. Final results were assessed 28 days after the patients’ 3rd treatment. Your specialist will determine a customized treatment plan for you.

What is the treatment like?

Injections with QWO take as little as 10 minutes to complete. QWO is injected directly into the cellulite dimples, with up to 12 injections per treatment. The treatment is relatively painless, though some bruising and swelling are the most common side effects.

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