Dual-Plane vs. Sub-Fascial Breast Augmentation (Updated 2023)

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At Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures we perform. Almost all of our breast augmentation patients have their implants placed under the muscle rather than over the muscle, allowing us to achieve a natural-looking result. For those patients who choose to have their breast implants placed under the muscle, we offer them the option of choosing dual-plane breast augmentation or sub-fascial breast augmentation.

During your consultation, your surgeon will work to understand your needs to that he can tailor your procedure to suit your needs, body type, and goals. He will discuss implant type, size, and placement before surgery in order to help you achieve the results you desire. Our plastic surgeons specialize in creating the best result possible for our patients.

To help you understand the difference between dual-plane breast augmentation and subfascial breast augmentation, here is a brief overview of these two popular breast implant placement procedures:

What Is Dual-Plane Breast Augmentation?

Dual-plane breast augmentations are a common procedure performed by all plastic surgeons. During this procedure, the pectoralis muscle is cut, lifted, and an implant is inserted under the muscle.

What Is Sub-Fascial Breast Augmentation? 

With sub-fascial breast augmentations, the muscle remains untouched and uncut. Essentially, the fascia—which is the overlying soft tissue of the pectoralis muscle—is gently lifted over the muscle to create a space between the fascia and the muscle. An implant is then inserted between the muscle and the fascia.

During the procedure, I use a piece of resorbable mesh to strengthen the pocket where the breast implant will sit. This mesh is positioned above the chest muscle and acts as an “internal bra.” This provides several benefits: keeping the implant in place, reducing the chances of it moving or “bottoming out,” and reducing the appearance of any rippling on the implant’s surface.

What Are the Benefits of Sub-Fascial Placement? 

Sub-fascial breast augmentation is advantageous because it offers little to no downtime, minimal postoperative pain, and no hyperanimation deformities because there’s no muscle involvement. Patients who undergo sub-fascial over dual-plane breast augmentation typically recover in half the time. This procedure is great for all women, especially those who work and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Learn more about sub-fascial breast augmentation, the “internal bra” technique and its benefits, and whether you’re a good candidate in this related blog post.

Very few plastic surgeons offer sub-fascial breast augmentations. I am an international authority on sub-fascial breast augmentation, revision and reconstruction.

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