My Stockholm Experience: Part 1

Stockholm skyline

I was recently one of five plastic surgeons nationwide to be invited to participate in a unique surgical experience. I was flown to Stockholm, Sweden to spend time with Dr. Charles Randquist, one of the premier plastic surgeons in Europe. Dr. Randquist has likely placed more textured anatomical implants than any other surgeon alive. Since, like most American surgeons, my experience as a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale was primarily with smooth, round implants, I was eager to watch him perform surgery and to see what kind of results he achieved with these implants.

Stockholm was a beautiful city, and Dr. Randquist had an extremely impressive facility and staff. The entire trip was enjoyable from a cultural perspective as well. His patients were particularly kind and generous in allowing the small group of surgeons to watch their procedures and follow-ups. Although any of these aspects of my trip would make for an interesting blog topic, I feel that the most pertinent information from my experience relates to new implant technology that is now becoming available in the US. As a result, my “Stockholm blog series” will focus on the implants we studied at length in Sweden, and how these implants can potentially benefit my breast augmentation patients in Scottsdale.

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