Technology No Substitute for an Experienced Surgeon

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As a plastic surgeon, I need to be open-minded and well-informed about what modern technology has to offer. My top priority has to be the safety and efficacy of the procedures I perform for my patients. If technology can improve safety or efficacy, then my goal is to implement it at my practice. However, I believe that no matter how advanced the technology, it’s no substitute for surgical skill.

This is certainly the case with the latest liposuction machines. The new machines use lasers, ultrasound, or other means to supposedly “improve” liposuction results. With familiar names like Smartlipo™ and VASER® Lipo, many practitioners are riding the wave of media hype and pushing the technology. The truth, however, is that a surgeon still needs the education, training, and experience to use these machines effectively .

For my Scottsdale liposuction procedures, I use PAL (power assisted liposuction). It’s an important modification of traditional liposuction in that it uses a gently pulsing cannula (liposuction wand) to glide through fat for easier removal. I’m able to achieve beautiful results with minimal side effects using this technique because of my many years performing liposuction and my substantial education in this area of practice. PAL technology helps me during surgery, but it wouldn’t add anything in unpracticed hands.

Whether it’s with liposuction machines, endoscopes for breast augmentation or facial surgery, lasers for facial rejuvenation, or any of the many other technological advances in cosmetic medicine, keep in mind that results are only as good as the surgeon performing the procedure.

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