The Sigalift Is a Game-Changer for Transgender Patients

The Sigalift breast augmentation for transgender patients

Sub-fascial Breast Augmentation/ Sigalift Is a New and Improved Procedure for My Transgender Patient Community Looking for Breast Enhancement

What is the Sigalift?

The Sigalift sub-fascial breast augmentation is a minimally invasive, muscle sparing procedure with lower pole scaffold reinforcement which provides beautiful, soft, and natural looking breasts.

The Sigalift has been performed on thousands of patients with amazing long-term results. Originally created for fitness, bodybuilding, and exercise enthusiasts for its muscle sparing ability, the Sigalift allows these patients to return to the gym in a few weeks with NO exercise restrictions, particularly pectoralis muscle exercises such as bench pressing, flies, pushups, yoga, Pilates, and rowing. With no hyper animation or muscle-induced irregularities, patients are able to get a beautiful, soft, breast with improved cleavage, upper pole fullness, and long-term lower pole support.

How Can the Sigalift Help Transgender Patients?

The Sigalift is also my breast augmentation procedure of choice for my transgender patients and has been truly a game-changer.

Due to its pectoralis muscle sparing characteristic, the Siglift beautifully shapes and creates breasts that don’t animate on flexion and that provide my transgender patients with consistent and long-lasting outcomes. In light of the fact that my dissection is over the muscle, I am able to create a pocket that can extend beyond the pec muscle insertion to achieve optimal cleavage and shape. This feature is extremely important in a wide chested, broad, and muscular patient who is seeking a beautiful and proportionate augmentation.

Choosing the Right Breast Implant for MTF Breast Augmentation

When performing any breast augmentation, it is extremely important to select the appropriate breast implant for each patient. Implant selection is an artform, and the wrong implant can lead to a poor or unsatisfactory result despite perfect surgical technique.

I am extremely meticulous in working with my transgender patients to select sufficiently wide and projected implants to achieve the results they are seeking.

Medial cleavage is crucial as is upper pole fullness and long-term lower pole support. The Sigalift achieves all of these things. My transgender patients are reporting amazing patient satisfaction time and time again.

What Is MTF Sub-Fascial Breast Augmentation Like?

The procedure takes approximately an hour to perform. It is an outpatient surgery that is performed under a general anesthetic.

Recovery takes just a few weeks and most of my patients can return to work in 24-48 hours. Most patients are able to return to rigorous exercise and are restriction-free at 4 weeks following surgery (the subpectoral breast augmentation technique restricts vigorous activity for 8).

The Sigalift truly is an amazing option for athletic, fit, active patients. Now, especially for transgender patients, I believe this will offer a new option for breast augmentation.

Take the Next Step In Your Journey

If you are a transgender patient considering breast augmentation surgery, I encourage you to request a consultation online or call (480) 423-1973 to meet with me. I’d love to discuss your options for MTF breast augmentation and provide more information on how the Sigalift can help you achieve your ideal aesthetic results.

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