10 Important Things To Look for in Breast Augmentation Before-and-After Photos (Updated 2023)

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Looking through before-and-after photos is one of the first steps for many new breast augmentation patients in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Photos are instrumental because not only do they show the results you can expect, but they also showcase a plastic surgeon’s talent. Before-and-after galleries are often a major deciding factor in surgeon selection. Here’s what you should look for when viewing before-and-after photos.

1. Consistency in Lighting and Angles

Pay close attention to the lighting and angles in before-and-after photos. Consistency here is crucial for an accurate comparison. Inconsistent lighting can create shadows or highlights that might artificially enhance or diminish the results. The same goes for angles; if a before picture is taken from a different viewpoint than the after picture, it can distort the true outcome. So, when browsing through a surgeon’s portfolio, make sure the “before” and “after” snapshots are taken under similar conditions to really see what you’re getting.

2. Scarring

A big concern for many patients is the visibility of scars post-surgery. Quality before-and-after photos should include close-up shots of incision sites. Look for minimal, well-placed scarring that’s healed nicely over time. Invisible or discreetly placed scars can often indicate a skilled surgeon who takes post-operative appearance into account.

3. Skin Quality

Look beyond the size and shape of the augmented breasts and consider the skin quality. Does the skin appear healthy, smooth, and free of complications such as infection or rippling? Rippling, especially, can be a concern with certain types of implants and could signify poor surgical technique. Healthy skin typically indicates a successful procedure with minimal complications.

4. Symmetry and Proportion

Symmetry is the name of the game when it comes to any cosmetic procedure. The breasts should not only be symmetrical to each other but also proportionate to the rest of the body. You don’t want to come out looking top-heavy or unbalanced. A well-executed breast augmentation should feel like a natural extension of your body, complementing your overall physique.

5. Natural Appearance

While some people aim for a dramatic transformation, most patients want results that look natural. Augmented breasts should feel like they ‘belong’ on the patient’s body. Watch out for overly large or artificial-looking breasts in after photos, as these can be warning signs of an overly aggressive or less experienced surgeon.

6. Nipple Position

An often-overlooked detail is the position of the nipples. They should point forward and be centered on the breast rather than pointing too far upward, downward, or sideways. Incorrect nipple positioning can indicate improper implant placement or a lack of attention to detail during the procedure.

7. Patient’s Starting Point

It’s easy to get drawn into the dramatic transformations, but remember to seek out before pictures that resemble your own starting point. Doing so will give you more realistic expectations of what’s achievable for you. Whether you’re starting with smaller breasts, asymmetrical breasts, or already have some volume, there’s likely a case study you can relate to.

8. Variety of Cases

An experienced surgeon should have a diverse portfolio. Look for a range of breast sizes, shapes, and body types in their before-and-after photos. This shows the surgeon’s ability to tailor the procedure to each individual’s unique needs, which is a strong indicator of their skill and expertise.

9. Additional Procedures

Sometimes breast augmentation isn’t a standalone procedure. Some women opt for a breast lift alongside their augmentation, especially post-pregnancy or significant weight loss. Being aware of any additional procedures performed can help set realistic expectations for your own surgery and recovery.

10. Consistency of Results

Look for consistency across multiple cases. A gallery that shows a diverse mix of patients of all ages and different ethnicities with beautiful results is a sign of a talented surgeon. You want a surgeon who consistently produces excellent results, regardless of the patient’s starting point or additional procedures. A variety of good outcomes shows you that the quality of the surgeon’s work is reliable, giving you peace of mind as you move forward with your decision.

To see the results we achieve for patients at Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery, view the before-and-after breast augmentation galleries of Dr. Cohen and Dr. Sigalove.

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